with every product you purchase, DbestU will help a child in need. One for you... One for the future.


One for you... One for the future
Through your purchases, DbestU helps provide healthy and nutritious meals to children in need, who otherwise would not be able to get them

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Ucare Program

The U-CARE program was born and remains a philanthropic initiative.

DbestU means The best You. Our objective is to help others become the best version of themselves. In particular U-Care program has the main objective of providing an appropriate nutrition, tools and support to children in need in developing countries.

We have started this program in Latin America due to the proximity and knowledge of the region. In the future, DbestU objective is to expand our footprint to other regions, and one day be able to help children in need from all over the planet reach their full potential in life.

Too often we see on TV, news papers and the Internet, news about children dying of hunger. To those of us who have children, it is hard not to think, what if for circumstances of life, my own kid would be forced to live a reality like that.

From DbestU, we want to see all children of this world live a happy life and have a bright future, regardless of where they were born and the circumstances they were forced to live during their childhood.

Because in this world we live in, it is harder and harder for non-for-profit organizations to fund their activities, we have decided to create a for-profit organization with the objective of providing financial stability to the members of this community, by doing something that matters and helps others, and with part of the profits, be able to finance this amazing philanthropic program called U-CARE Program

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