• Hi, my name is Adriana Rueda,

  • founder of DbestU,

  • and I would like to talk to you a bit about us.

My education and professional life started in a very old fashion way. I went to school and high school, like most people we know. Then I had the opportunity to go to University where I did a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. After that I did a Master’s Degree and spent some years working as a researcher at a University.

Some people could say that I was doing well. I had a good education and could get a good job for the rest of my life, have kids and live a nice and “stable” life. The truth is that nothing is sure in life. Maybe I could have done some of that and most people would say that it would be the right and even the smartest thing to do. However, I think that we are not in this life to “try” to make other people happy. First, because that won’t be possible, but above all, because to be truly happy we need to pursue our own dreams and goals, and not those of others.

During those first few years of my career as a chemical engineer, I started to realize that my passion was not engineering, but health and wellness. I was spending my days and directing my life towards something that would have never made me completely happy. On top of that, I was starting to realize that if I didn’t stay on top of my eating and exercise habits, it was very easy for me to gain weight.

One day, on my way to the lab where I was working, I started to reflect about the life that I was living, and realize that I was lying to myself. From the bottom of my heart, I knew that if I wasn’t true to myself, I was going to be miserable for the rest of my life. That was the moment when I decided to start doing something about it.

With the objective of understanding nutrition and dedicate myself to change my own life, and in the process to help others with their nutrition and exercise habits, a few years ago I enrolled on a post graduate specialization on Nutrition and Dietary Planning at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, while I was living in Spain. During that time and with the goals of sharing the knowledge I was getting, I decided to start a blog in Spanish about health and wellness, back in 2010.

Time passed by and I moved to Toronto, Canada in 2012 with my husband. I spent a year studying Food and Nutrition Management, and then we had to move from Toronto to Calgary due to my husband’s job. Due to a number of circumstances I went back to a 9-5 job at an office. This was good financially for us, but put me almost back to square one, in regards to pursuing my passion. I didn’t feel fulfilled doing the office job that I was doing. However during this time I kept my mission alive, and focused on staying healthy myself and helping others to do the same. I joined a direct sales company and started helping many women get healthy with exercises and nutrition programs to do at home. It was a fulfilling job because it put me back to the path I wanted to be: helping me stay accountable with my own healthy eating and exercise and helping other women like me make changes by learning good habits and truly live a healthy life.

3 years passed by and I got pregnant with Danny. I took a 1 year maternity leave and during that time I continued with my healthy lifestyle while I worked from home in my direct sales business. I exercised daily until my 40th week of pregnancy, even when my belly was huge and it was a real challenge to move. But my healthy habits were established, I needed that time for myself to take care of my body and my baby. I experienced that eating well during pregnancy is not easy task, you get cravings and also get advice from everyone telling you that “you can eat whatever you like” and that you shouldn’t “diet”. But my acquired healthy habits and my instincts told me that I couldn’t just eat whatever it was in front of me: processed food, sweets, empty carbs, etc.. I knew that that wouldn’t be good for me nor my baby. I kept my healthy diet, eat lots of vegetables, and fruits, kept drinking my morning superfood smoothie, and also had a sweet treat every now and then. And those habits helped me feel energized, with good digestion and to lose the baby weight fast after delivery. That also helped my baby grow healthy and strong in my belly.

During the first year of life of my son Danny, I saw him grow strong and healthy. I offered him healthy foods everyday and I saw how he accepted them well. After that year I had a decision to make, going back to the office or continue working on my dream of being a mompreneur, teaching women how to fit a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle into a busy life in this modern era we are living. The decisions was a no brainer. I didn’t want to leave my son in daycare and I wanted to finally commit 100% to pursuing my dream of spreading the word of the “secrets” for a healthy and fulfilling live.

I continued working from home on my business, I was helping women adopt healthy habits one person at a time. However something inside me was telling me that I needed to go beyond that and have a bigger impact on this world. And not only in healty habits of women, but in their children and approaching the challenge of reaching a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle in a more holistic way.

One day watching my son play gracefully and happy, I had another realization, my mission in life was to help others live healthy and happy lives, but I wanted to have a bigger impact than I was having. I started to think how I could help more people in a way that allowed me to have that impact around the world. I started to think about children in developing countries. Because as a Venezuelan I know how my people have suffered over the last years. And the ones that have suffered the most have been the children. And if they suffer from a young age, our society has the risk of becoming underdeveloped. Children are the future of the world, and now as a mom I know how important it is for children to have someone to guide them into the healthy and happy living. Someone to be an example for them to become great. Reach their full potential. I know from experience that parents play such a key role into a children development, and that is the reason why I decided to focus on helping those children in need, who don’t have the love and support of loving parents nor relatives.

In an almost spiritual way, something came to my mind one day, thinking about ideas on how to put my grain of sand to help these children. When a child doesn’t have that role model, a parent to teach him and be the example, how he can grow and develop his full potential? I thought immediately of those children that live in orphanages, in a home with the guidance of caregivers but not a parent, nor a relative. The love of a good parent is unique, and these children don’t have it.

I thought for a second, that this could be the fate to Danny. If, for circumstances of life he had to live in an orphanage, without his parents. How his life would be? In that moment I realized that I needed to help these children in some way. I thought about donating or contributing as I had done many time before in many different ways. However, that was something it would be limited by our family income. I wanted to have a bigger impact and donate more consistently. Looking for solutions on the Internet, I found a book about the “one for one” movement that TOMS company started. And I had a flash of ideas and I started to put them on paper, and I couldn’t stop writing. We didn’t have physical products, what we had was my knowledge in nutrition and holistic health and ideas to help women how to be healthy. So, I decided to create a movement, a company, that offers help for busy mothers to take charge of their eating habits, and change their lifestyle, and with every mom we helped with our products and services we will use part of the profits of each sale to help children in need with healthy meals and similar products and services. And that’s how DbestU and YOU CARE program were born.

DbestU means that we want to help YOU become the best version of yourself, by helping you make healthy changes in your life, your eating habits, exercise, and also helping your heart feel good because of the lifestyle you live and what you are doing for children in need. Because with the purchase of any of our healthy eating guides, plans, and products not only YOU become “The Best YOU” but you help a child in need to become the best version of himself/herself. With your purchase we will donate a healthy meal for a child in need living in an orphanage.

I know that as an entrepreneur, or a “Mompreneur” you have a busy schedule. I know how it is, I’m like you. I know how hard it is to find the time to take care of yourself, to cook a healthy meal and even more to try to give healthy food to your family and not going for the mac and cheese box or for the box of cookies. And I know you may be feeling guilty because you don’t know how to eat better, and don’t know what to offer to your family. And maybe you’ve packed some pounds lately. However, I know in my heart that, that’s not something you intended to do. You may have read every diet book in the library and maybe tried to stick to one, but its has been a challenge. You don’t want to be restricted, you want to learn how to make better choices without

any gimmicks or fads. I know because that was me. I know you like to eat and you want to enjoy your meals, but at the same time feel that you are staying healthy and making good choices.

You want to teach your family healthier habits and give them healthier choices. You also want to take more time for you too, to exercise more and relax. You just haven’t found the time to do it and neither the right guidance. I know it’s difficult to do it by ourselves.

There is so much information about diets and healthy eating out there that it is overwhelming. That’s why we need a guide, somebody to show us the way, to tell us how to choose better, to give us a hand and support to make those changes. I tried to do it by myself and it was a huge struggle. For a long time I wanted to change but I didn’t have the guidance to do it. I had to figure it out by myself. It took time and trials and errors. Now, I’m proud to say that I succeed in the end. Now I can say with confidence that I know, and I want to show you the way. I want to save you time and the struggles I went through, so you don’t have to spend endless hours researching and figuring it out by yourself. I’ve learned the hard way how to make those changes in my life and I want to give you that guidance I would’ve loved to have.

I won’t tell you what you HAVE to do, I will TEACH you how to do it. I will guide you along the way to make the changes you need to make. I will give you a guide, examples and options to choose from so you find YOUR unique way of healthy and happy living. Because one diet doesn’t fit to everyone. We are all unique so we need to find and understand that uniqueness. I won’t tell you what you can or cannot eat, I’ll give you choices and ideas and you will try and decide, and YOUR BODY will tell you. I will teach you how to listen to your body and make the right choices.

Together with my team we decided to start DbestU, knowing that this was the best way to help ourselves and mothers who wanted to be entrepreneurs, live a healthier and happier live and make a positive impact in the present and the future of this world. And most importantly help those children in need around the world become the best version of themselves and transform their world for the better. I don’t stop thinking in my son and the children of this world, who deserve a better future and know that pursuing their own dreams in a healthy way is the true “right thing to do”.