Welcome to DbestU!

Today I want to welcome you to this new project. A project that has been in our hearts for some time and finally today we can share it with the world.

I’m feeling super excited about this new project that I’ve worked for months along with my amazing team. A project that I envisioned to make a bigger impact in you and the future.

I’m happy to welcome you to DbestU! A new community that my team and I have created to help you and in the process help those that need it the most: children.

Our story

You may have followed me on social media for a while, and you know that I’m all about sharing the message of health and wellness. Always trying to motivate you and give your advice and reliable information about nutrition.

For years I’ve been working on helping women adopt healthy habits one person at a time. However, something inside me was telling me that I needed to go beyond that and have a bigger impact on this world. And not only in healthy habits of women but in their children and families. And approaching the challenge of reaching a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle in a more holistic way.

One day watching my son play gracefully and happy, I had a vision. My mission in life was to help others live healthy and happy lives. But I wanted to have a bigger impact than I was having. I started to think how I could help more people in a way that allowed me to have that impact around the world. Always keeping my son in mind, I started to think about children in developing countries. Because as a Venezuelan I know how my people, and especially children in Venezuela are suffering. I’m writing this in August of 2017 and now The Venezuelan Health Ministry says child mortality has also jumped 30% in the last year. And 54% of children assessed showed some degree of malnutrition.

I started thinking that if children suffer from lack of nourishment and education from a young age, that society is at risks of becoming underdeveloped. Children are the future of the world, and now as a mother, I know how important it is for children to have someone to guide them into a healthy and happy lifestyle. Someone to be an example for them to become great. Help them reach their full potential.

I know from experience that parents play such a key role in childhood development. That is the reason why I decided to focus on helping those children in need. Especially those who don’t have the love and support of loving parents nor relatives.

The turning point

One day something came to my mind while thinking about ideas on how to put my grain of sand to help these children.

I thought: When a child doesn’t have the role model of a parent to teach him and be the example, how he can grow and develop his full potential?

I thought immediately of those children that live in orphanages, in a home with the guidance of caregivers but not a parent, nor a relative. The love of a parent is unique in many ways, and these children don’t have it.

I thought for a second, that this could be the fate to Danny. If, for circumstances of life he had to live in an orphanage, without his parents. How his life would be? In that moment I realized that I needed to help these homes and the children in some way. I thought about donating or contributing as I had done much time before in many different ways. However, that would be limited by our family income.

I wanted to have a bigger impact and donate more and more consistently. Looking for solutions on the Internet, I found a book Do Something that Matters about the “one for one” movement that TOMS® company started. And I had a flash of ideas. I started to put them on paper, and I couldn’t stop writing for a while.

We didn’t have physical products to offer, like TOMS, what we had was my knowledge in nutrition and holistic health and ideas to help busy working moms how to be healthy and live a life in balance and wellness.

So, I decided to create a movement, a company, that offers help for busy moms to take charge of their eating habits, and change their lifestyle and their families.

So, with the purchase of any products or services, we would use part of those profits to help children in need with healthy meals and similar products and services to those that we sell. And that’s how DbestU and YOU CARE PROGRAM was born.

How can we help YOU?

DBestU is born with the objective to help YOU become the best version of yourself, “The Best You”, and in the process and with your help, change the future of those most vulnerable: children

I created DbestU community as a way to help YOU with my knowledge and expertise in Wellness and Nutrition. Now even more than I’m getting more training in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach.

During these months I’m working hard to create systems, program, and products specifically developed to help you in your Wellness journey.

I want to help you to:

  1. Learn how to jump into the healthy lifestyle, avoid gaining weight and how to fight it.
  2. Offer you healthy eating guides, suggested meals plans, recipes guides, shopping lists.
  3. Offer you group coaching programs to teach you, give you continued motivation and support.
  4. Teach you how to find those foods that make you sick and which ones are goof for you.
  5. Guide you into programs to cleanse and detox your body.
  6. Teach you which food to eat for more energy and mental clarity.
  7. Teach you how to make time for yourself to relax and get more focus to work on your business.
  8. Give you recipe guides and teach you how to plan your meals in an easy way.
  9. Offer you reliable information about nutrition, from credible sources.
  10. Give you recipe guides for easy to prepare meals and teach you how to be organized in the kitchen.
  11. And last but now least, helping your heart feel good because when you change YOUR life you help change the lives of the most needed.

Today I invite you to join our community in social media to stay tune of all the news and great content that we will be charing. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Welcome to DbestU and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Stay Active, Eat Healthy and Feel Amazing 


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