How to Turn the “Good” Genes On and the “Bad” Genes Off

Twelve years ago life gave me a wake-up call so that I would change my lifestyle. I realised I have the “obesity genes” That tendency of gaining weight just by looking at a cake, lol. I gained 12 kilos (about 26 lb in 4 month). My genetics betrayed me and my insulin levels started to rise and the doctor told me that, if I stayed in the same path I could become diabetic. I did not want that! That moment I realised that I had to do something, of course I didn’t know anything about nutrition or healthy eating (that wasn’t a family dinner topic at the time) So I had to figure it out and most importantly take action. I had to learn How to Turn the “Good” Genes On and the “Bad” Genes Off! And I’m happy to say now that I succeeded!!

Hear me well, I simply DECIDED to change and I manage to reverse that course. I learned how to adopt the habits of daily exercise and healthy eating, which I have kept for 5 years now. Now 11 years later those habits allowed me to stay active during my pregnancy last year. YES! with that belly I used to exercise (like a turtle, but I did it!) And those same habits have already allowed me to lose the 34 pounds I gained in pregnancy completely.

I know that staying on this path is what is going to lead me to have a healthy, healthy life, to be able to run and play with my son. I want to have a long life but above all have quality of life

The habits  to beat the genes

Research shows that exercise can keep those genes under your control and reduce your genetic predisposition of gaining weight by 40 percent! So if we activate our good genes with daily activity we can win the war! The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of activity on most days of the week. And that’s how I exercise.

For 5 years now I have managed to live a healthy life, feeling full energy and vitality. I learned how to control my portions, how to nourish my body properly, and how to stay consistent with daily exercise. During my pregnancy I maintained my daily workout routine and and felt energetic. However I gained 37 pounds!! My bad genes, the ones that accumulate fat easily, were active and that’s good. Our babies need us to gain fat so we can later nourish them. But! Now, after 10 months I’ve lost them all 😁  I am back to my healthy weight and in the process of reaching my goal of toning back my abdomen (as you see my belly was gianormous) I still have some lose skin that little by little is going to tone down!

Would you like to fee the same?

Today I ask you, would you like to feel that energy that I transmit to you every day in my videos? Would you like to change your eating habits and exercise more because you may need to lose a few pounds? You can do all this and I can tell you how to do it, following a detailed plan because I know you don’t have all the time to think, since you have a busy life, right?

If so, today I invite you to participate in a private group where I will show how I organise myself, how I eat healthy and make the time for me to exercises from the comfort of my house while I take care of my 10 month baby. Because you can do it! I am proof of it and I want to help you to achieve it too.

I want to be honest and tell you the hard truth, but is all full of love. You can have all the knowledge in the world. You know already how to lose weight right? Eat healthier and exercise more (google is full with information about that and I share a lot here too) but you are only going to really change the course of your life and get to that goal only if you TAKE ACTION! Are you going to take action today? You know that I’m here to help

Do not let life give you a wake up call and suffer the consequences. Avoid it, prevention is the best medicine. In addition, what you invest in your health today will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

 Stay Active, Live Healthy and Feel Amazing!

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Adriana_Wellness, March 17, 2017

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