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Where does my energy comes from? Every day you see me energetic and positive on social media, giving you advice, pushing you and helping you to make changes and live more healthy. But where do I get that energy from? Like many moms I have thousands of things to do at home and with a 10 months baby that already wants to walk, you can imagine! But how you can boost your energy too?

Well I tell you, I dedicate to take time for me! That is the key to my energy. I lock up at least 30 min a day to exercise, I look for ways to eat healthier and nourished my mind with positive thoughts every day. Because this is the best medicine for the soul and body

The Magic Pill

The Magic pill, it is not a magic pill. What gives me the energy and made me lose the 34 pounds that I got during my pregnancy is to have a plan, a system that includes physical activity, good food, look for daily motivation, and be consistent, which is key.

And how do I look for my motivation? In my private  groups and in my coaching team. Yes, the work I do every day gives me motivation and helps me stay energized. Helping others, helps YOU feels great. When you help another person to improve their health and their financial situation gives you so much happiness and fulfillments. In our groups we also make sure that people receive daily messages of positivism. That’s how you see me so happy every day

You can feel the same way

If you also want to receive that dose of positivism in your life daily I invite you to join my team of health and Fitness Coach. Because we are motivators and we start by motivating ourselves, by making an internal change and charing it with everybody. If you need that, this is your place!!
If you want to know more join my next “Sneak Peek into coaching” group where we will show you more about what we do as a Beachbody Coach. Join and you will understand why I love this so much!!


Stay Active, Eat Healthy and Feel Amazing!!

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Adriana_Wellness, March 13, 2017

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