Let me Re-Introduce myself

I spend quite a while crafting this post and I know is long, but I wanted to come out as honest and truthful as I could. If you are new here and have that healthy life goal in mind and you stumble upon my page looking for someone or something to guide you, maybe is destiny that you are reading this.
Yes, I believe in that stuff.
So, I invite you to keep reading and get to know me a little better (and I want to get to know you too!!). And who knows maybe we can connect and be best virtual friends, and work together in the future or not, just be friends.
Let me tell you, the best friends, people that have influenced in my life, and the more like-minded people I know are my virtual friends!

In summary, some of the things that define me:

I’m 36, feeling like 25.

I used to play violin and piano when I was little. I realized I don’t have the musical ear. What I did have is the rhythm, because girl, I LOVE to dance! And I think I do it pretty good (just saying)

I’m an immigrant and I speak English with and funny accent (many would say), yep! and I sometimes mess up the words and forget what I’m saying. But who cares right, I’m bilingual! lol

I’ve been an advocate for health and wellness for the past 7 years. I’ve had this blog since then.

I love to workout at home and I’ve done it for 6 years (I don’t have time to go to the gym). So you may see me jumping around here from time to time.

I have a cute baby boy that you would probably see here also dancing and jumping around with me, and showing his teeth from time to time.

As a mompreneur, I spend most of my days in pyjamas.

I drink too much water that I have to pee during the night (TMI!)

I have a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela (when I’m from, btw)

I have a post graduated degree in Nutrition and Diet Planning form Universidad Complutense de Madrid when I lived in Spain.

I am now in the process of getting my certificate as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I love to learn scientific stuff about nutrition and diet and I get excited when I talk about it….I’ll start talking about it even more.

If you know me personally you know, I love to eat, a lot! and of everything! In parties, I try everything! Maybe that’s why I don’t have a six-pack lol. And I don’t care because life is made to live it and enjoy it. And I’m not here to show off my abs. I’m here to show you that you can have a balance and a healthy life.

I’m a carb lover and I have the genetics of fat accumulation, yep, (that’s maybe other another reason why I don’t have a six-pack). But in the same way that I sometimes eat all the “bad” stuff, I also eat my veggies every day. I learned how to turn off those “fatty” genes and make them work for me, not the other way around. And that’s what I’m all about.

I’m learning even more how to feed my body so my fat genes stay off!

I’m in the process of building my own coaching business to support my family. Yes, we all want to support our families and earn money. So if you see me inviting you to a challenge or to download a plan or a program, yep I may want to sell you something down the road, but only to have a synergic relationship: I help YOU achieve that healthy life, and you help me support my family. That’s how life works, right?.

The way I’m doing it is developing my brand called DbestU (www.dbestu.com). A community to help busy moms to heal themselves and become their best self.

And with this community, I’m creating a charity program where with every purchase we will donate food to children in need in Latin America. I said I want to make a bigger impact!

Yes, I’ve been a coach for some time promoting fitness products, but this next year I’m making changes and I’ll have tools of my own to better serve you the way I WANT to serve you. It doesn’t mean that what I did before didn’t work, I just want to have a bigger impact on you and in another way, in my way. I still use those products every day and I’ll keep using them!

I’m NOT the coach who would give you a DIET to follow because those don’t work. I would guide you through a process where you learn how your body works because everyone is different and we must learn how to give our bodies what it craves. I can give you guides and suggest meals and foods, but eventually, we work together to find what’s right for you. I will coach you!

My husband and I are kinds of nomads, we have moved 12 times in 11 years, that makes almost once a year….. Humm so, maybe next year we need to move again?…. who knows.

In all honesty, I’m kind of conscious about that last point. that’s why I don’t do many videos in English. But that’s changing.

I’m shy, really, super shy when I first know people. But then when we start talking and I get more confident, I can’t stop talking! lol….. But, really I’m working on that shyness. I’m going to say “I used to be shy” (That’s how Chalene Johnson would like me to say)

I like to support small business and I recommend products that I personally use.  I’m using more organic and clean products nowadays. So, from time to time you will stumble upon affiliate links here. That is a way that I sport support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this blog. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself!.

So, there you have it! That’s a little about me. And If you read it all we are meant to be friends! If you feel that what I’m about can serve you in any way I’d love to know, please message me or comment below. That way I can serve you better!
Love and Wellness!
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admin, January 26, 2018

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