Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Ideal in Your Kitchen

by adrianawellness, April 5, 2014

With the increasing popularity of the Mediterranean Diet, which includes Olive Oil consumption, this oil has become one of the most studied cooking oils.  Researchers have proven the high level of benefits to our health. Many studies have been conducted on olive oil and it has been identified as a key food in preventing cardiovascular … Continue reading

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5 servings of Fruits and Vegetables?

by adrianawellness, March 13, 2014

  5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day will give you lots of water (between 75% and 95% of its weight is water), vitamins, water-soluble like vitamin C, folic acid and small amounts of other B vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6) and soluble compounds such as carotenoids (mainly … Continue reading

My Super Foods Guide II

by adrianawellness, March 10, 2014

This is the second part of My Super Foods Guide. In this article I will list some of my favorite foods to always have in your kitchen. They are definitely healthy foods to include regularly in your diet to help you improve your overall health:  1. Dark Greens:  Green vegetables such as … Continue reading

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Nutrition Myths | Don't fall into these myths!

by adrianawellness, March 2, 2014

Nutrition has always been a topic of great interest and concern to a large percentage of the population. There is a variety of nutrition myths and misconceptions that are widely spread throughout the history.  In many cases these issues are dealt with ignorance. Very often people want to group foods into good and bad; the ones that make you fat or thin; useful and harmful to cardiovascular health, etc. But nutrition is a complex science and any simplification is wrong. Nutrition as a science is relatively modern and is hidden in an apparent simplicity; however it … Continue reading

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Best Sources of Calcium for your Bones

Best Sources of Calcium for your Bones

by adrianawellness, February 8, 2014

There is a big debate about whether milk consumption is the best source of Calcium for your Bones and whether it helps prevent fractures and osteoporosis or not. On one side are those who think that high calcium intake in the form of three glasses of milk a day, would help prevent osteoporosis and … Continue reading

My Super Foods Guide | Part I

by adrianawellness, February 3, 2014

In this firts post of Super Foods Guide I will list the foods you should always have in your kitchen, ready to prepare delicious and nutritious meals: 1. Nuts: Walnuts are the best sources of vegetable protein. They are rich in Fiber, B vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Nuts … Continue reading

Low GI Carbohydrates to Lose Weight

by adrianawellness, January 29, 2014

When we think about carbs, what comes to mind is a pasta dish, a piece of bread or a spoonful of sugar, right? However, the world of carbohydrates is much broader than most people think. They are called carbohydrates, glucids or sugars. Glucids derives from the word “glucose” that comes … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating Habits Key To Wellness

by adrianawellness, January 17, 2014

  Today, millions of people around the world seek a “magic” formula or “diet” that will effectively help them lose that extra weight once and for all. However, after finding the “ideal diet” and achieving the desired weight, in most cases, people return to their previous diet, which results in … Continue reading

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